1UZ to 350Z Adapter Plate Instructions

1UZ to 350Z/370Z
There are a few things you have to do before this will go in smoothly:

-You will need to take a small notch out of the top of the bell housing on the transmission, for the starter gear to recess into, if you do not do this, the engine will not start.
-You need to shave a very small amount (1/8’’) off of the end of the starter bolts in order for the adapter plate to fit flush with the transmission mating surface on the engine side.
-You need to retain the stock automatic transmission flex-plate SPACER that gets sandwiched in between the flex-plate and the crank. You need this to properly space out the flywheel in order to get the splines to engage properly on the input shaft.

-Unfortunately, the Z transmissions splines on the input shaft start pretty far back, far enough back that you have to use not only the stock automatic flexplate spacer mentioned above but also “stack on” the flexplate and thinner stock sheet metal spacer on top of the flexplate. Then stack on the Collins 1UZ to 350Z flywheel on last. You will need to order (8) 45mm under head length M10x1.25 ARP bolts – ARP P/N: 679-1006

-Don’t forget that this adapter plate is for both the early and the later model 350z transmissions, so if a bolt feels like it is going in hard is it because that bolt-hole is being shared by the other bolt pattern. It just means that there are several holes on both of the bolt patterns that were conflicting with each other and had to be shared to get everything to work correctly.

-After you get all of this achieved, don’t forget to shorten up the shifter linkage and shifter bracket on the back of the Z-transmission or it will not come close to fitting anywhere near the stock shifter hole on your chassis. 

-When wiring the engine in, you do not need to keep any of the emissions equipment. All of it can be deleted, including the idle air control motor.
-Make sure you run a separate ground strap to the body or shell of both of the physical ignitors or the car will not start. Both of the ignitors have to have an extremely good ground going to somewhere on the outside of the casing. We utilized a bolted ground strap to the outside of the body and it worked great.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call—it’s what we are here for!
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Thanks again!