JZ to S-Chassis Engine Mount Installation Instructions

It is important to follow these steps to ensure a safe and long lasting product, however this product is for off road use only and not intended for public highway use. By purchasing and installing this product you are assuming all liabilities associated with its installation and use.

Installation Instructions:
1. The motor mounts are driver side and passenger side specific, the slot on the Cross-member mount allows for adjustment, front to back, when placing the motor into the engine bay. This allows for use of many different transmissions with the JZ-engine. The mounts should angle towards the rear. The passenger side motor mount should mount in the forward most position on the block.

2. Remove the stock engine mount brackets if they are still on the engine.

3. If you have a VVT-I engine, place the passenger side motor mount in the forward most position, as there is “two” sets of bolt holes that look like they could work. DO NOT PUT THE MOTOR MOUNT IN THE STOCK LOCATION AS IT WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY.

4. The motor mount isolators (Rubber stock mounts) will need the index pin on the top ground off. The new engine mount brackets do not use the index pins and will not sit properly if the pin is still in place. If you are using the Collins motor mount isolators (Aluminum) you do not need to worry about this.

5. The stock rubber mounts also have metal plates on top that will need to be positioned properly. The driver side mount will have the top lip to the rear and the passenger side mount will have the top lip to the front. This is typical for most applications. Be sure to check that it applies correctly to your fitment.

6. Fasten the new motor mount brackets to the block using Loctite Red, and torqueing the supplied fasteners to the stock Toyota torque specifications.

7. When installing the engine into the vehicle, do not have the motor mount Aluminum isolators attached to the brackets, as this will hinder installation. Once you have the engine placed into the engine bay with the slot on the motor mount bracket hovering above the corresponding subframe, you then place the Aluminum Isolator(or Stock rubber motor-mount) between the engine bracket and the subframe being cautious and attentive as to not pinch your hand or any other member between the engine bracket and the vehicle. Place the Aluminum isolator such that the through hole lines up with the slot on the motor mount bracket and the hole also lines up with the subframe below.

8. Place the long M10 bolt through the motor mount bracket and isolator in through the crossmember and use the nut and washer to tighten this down. 33lbftf should be used along with red Loctite to secure for vibration.

If you have any questions during installation, give us a call at (803) 792-7189