JZ to 350Z A340 Bellhousing Install Instructions

JZ to 350Z A340 Bellhousing Install Instructions
Step 1: Cut the bellhousing off of the 350Z/370Z transmission that you have.
We have a YouTube video on our Collins Garage channel on how to achieve this.

Cut the 350Z/370Z transmission’s bell housing approximately 1/16’’ (0.0625’’; 1.5mm) behind the second casting band that wraps circumferentially around the transmissions bell housing, marked by the dotted “cut line”.

Step 2: After cutting the bell housing off and cleaning the dust away from the transmission, before, removing the input shaft cover. Remove the input shaft cover from the 350Z transmission by removing the (11) M8x1.25 hex head cap screws.

Step 3: Near the bottom of the exposed area behind the input shaft cover, you will see one small M8x1.25 nut that is tightened onto a long bolt. You must cut this bolt flush with the nut, so that nothing sticks out past the end of the nut.

Step 4: Clean the Collins Performance adapter plate face with brake parts cleaner, be careful to avoid spraying the input shaft seal with any brake parts cleaner as the input shaft seal comes pre-lubricated. Now place a generous amount of liquid gasket (Toyota FIPG is recommended) to the face of the Collins Performance adapter plate, that mounts to the 350Z transmission, shown here in black:

Make sure the liquid gasket is spread out evenly over the surface outlined in black and the excess liquid gasket is cleaned off the inner and outer edges.

Step 5: Use the (8) M8x1.25 70mm flat head cap screws, and fasten the Collins Performance adapter plate to the already cut 350Z/370Z transmission.

Step 6:
Use the (2) M8x1.25 30mm flat head cap screws and fasten the Collins Performance adapter plate to the already cut 350Z/370Z transmission.

Step 7: Insert the supplied pilot bushing adapter into the Toyota crank using a piece of wood in between the pilot bearing adapter and a hammer, or use a plastic dead-blow hammer. Make certain that you press the bushing in normal to the crank surface to ensure proper alignment.

Step 8: Fasten the T56 concentric slave cylinder (“throw out bearing”) onto the Collins Performance adapter using the supplied (2) ¼’’-20 hex head cap screws. Refer to the picture above.

It is important to use the right bell housing for this swap, as this adapter plate was machined to accept a certain bell housing with a specific height. The bell housings found on most A340 4-speed automatic transmission with the marking “J1” at the top of the bell housing are illustrated in the photo below: when using this bell housing, there are no markings on the adapter plate indicating “J1”.

If you do decide to use the “J3” bell housing, make sure to look on your adapter plate and verify that it says “J3” on the adapter plate where the bellhousing mates with the adapter (it will be engraved very clearly on either side saying “J3”). This adapter plate is of a different thickness and will not work with the “J1, J2” bellhousing. (You have selected your specific bell housing in the drop down menu when you placed your order).

The following instructions are for J3 bellhousing users ONLY:
You must make two small notches on the bell housing face, where the bell housing touches the adapter plate so that the clutch line and bleeder line of the concentric slave cylinder can come through this, see the photo below:

A remote bleeder line (if you are using a T56 slave) is suggested, but not necessary. The two small notches are show in detail below:

Step 9: Fasten the A340 automatic bell housing to the adapter plate with the (4) M10x1.5 30mm hex flanged head cap screws. Show in gray picture below.
Step 10: Fasten the A340 automatic bell housing to the adapter plate with the (2) M12x1.75 35mm hex flanged head cap screws. Shown in black picture below.

Step 11: Cut, trim or shave any and all casted bungs around the outside of the remaining 350Z/370Z bell housing. This will make the bell housing smaller and easier to install into most transmission tunnels.

Step 12: Grind these areas of the “J1” or “J2” bell housing to fit the larger pressure plates from the stage 3 and stage 4 single disc clutch systems:

Install transmission onto engine and you are finished!