Custom Driveshaft Instructions

In order to fulfill your driveshaft order, we must receive the measurements off of your vehicle with the engine and transmission installed where it will operate. You will take three pictures of the tape measure used to capture the measurements in place so that we can verify that the measurement are gathered correctly.

-Step 1: Start the end of the tape measure at the output shaft seal of the transmission. The numbers on the tape measure should be facing downward so that in step 2 you can read the numbers clearly. See the picture below to get an idea of where to place the tape measure. Take a picture of the start of the tape measure so that we can verify that you are starting in the correct spot for the measurement.

-Step 2: Pull the tape measure from the front all the way UNDER the differential flange so that the markings on the tape measure are clear and can be read from the photo. Now align the camera with the differential flange so that the plane where the driveshaft would bolt to the differential is in line with the camera. Now take a picture of that measurement.

-Step 3: Now that you have the tape measure pulled under the differential flange, take the last picture of the overall tape measure to include the start and the finish of the tape measure in the same picture so that we can verify that the measurements are good and true.

Once you have completed steps 1-3, directly send the photos to our email address with “Order no. ____ Driveshaft measurements” within the subject line.

Once we receive your measurements, we will create your driveshaft and send you the tracking information via Email. If you need additional information or instruction, don’t hesitate to call or email. or 803-792-7189

**We do not build shafts to a “tight” fit against the rear transmission seal.
All shafts are built with a fair amount of "pull out" for fit up from the seal.

Thank you once again,

Collins Performance Technologies

An example of the type of photographs and measurements we are looking for can be found below: