1UZ to KA/SR Adapter Plate Instructions

1UZ to KA/SR

If you haven’t already, you will need to purchase a pilot bearing adapter as well as a clutch release bearing adapter from our website to make everything engage properly. You can find these on www.collinsperformancetechnologies.com under the adaptation components tab.

-There are a few things you should do first so that the engine and transmission go together smoothly;

-You should purchase the proper transmission bolts from any hardware store. If you are using a KA24DE/SR20DET transmission, all of the bolts are M10x1.5 however the lengths will vary. If you are installing a 350z 6-speed transmission, 5 of the bolts are M12x1.75, and 3 of them are M10x1.5 -- lengths will vary.
-You need to shave a very small amount (1/8’’) off of the end of the starter bolts in order for the adapter to sit flush with the transmission mating surface on the engine side.
-Sandwiched in between the stock flex-plate and the crank, is a thick spacer. You need this to properly space out the flywheel, in order to get the splines to engage properly on the input shaft.
-You should also “knife” the 1UZ starter gear by lightly shaving one side of the tooth down so when the starter plunges out to engage with the flywheel it doesn’t hit the face of the flywheel. Knifing makes it so that the gear slips right past the teeth and engages properly. Check the pictures below to shave the proper side.
This is how you should knife the starter gear. Left side looking from the top:

Knife Starter
-Get a large starter relay of some sort, like that out of a fox body mustang (88-93). It should be roughly $15 from a parts store, but this will guarantee that your starter will engage every time unless your battery is dead.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call—it’s what we are here for!
(803) SWAP-1UZ
Thanks again!