2JZ/1JZ to BMW ZF Adapter Plate Instructions


Thank you for purchasing the Collins 2JZ/1JZ to BMW ZF transmission adapter plate. If you purchased just the adapter plate without the flywheel and are looking to get the pilot bearing adapter that is necessary to complete the swap, you can find them on our website under the adaptation components tab. We also offer the flywheel for this swap.
This is a guide of things you should do so the engine and transmission go together smoothly:
1. You should purchase the proper transmission bolts from any hardware store that sells metric bolts. Or you can get all of the fasteners you need off of McMaster.com. If you are using an E36/E46 5-Speed, you will need (2) M12x1.75 35mm hex flange head cap screws, (2) M12x1.75 70mm hex flange head cap screws. You will also need (2) M10x1.5 50mm hex head cap screws and finally (3) M8x1.25 45mm hex flange head cap screws.
2. The starter you should use should be out of a 2JZ-GE/GTE motors that has an open face to. You cannot use a 1JZ starter, it will not work. This will prevent you from having to remove excess material on the transmission to get the starter to recess into the transmission side. If you want to retain your stock starter, you must take a chunk of your BMW transmission where the starter sticks out.
3. You must drill out the starter’s tapped holes, where the original fasteners thread into the adapter plate. Use a 15/32’’ drill bit to drill out the threads. This is so that the studs that are supplied with the package can pass through the starter if you need to remove the starter with the transmission still in the vehicle.
4. Use red Loctite 242 on all of the threads used in this conversion.
5. Fasten the adapter plate to the engine using the supplied fasteners, nothing that the lower right hand side of the oil pan, there will be a socket head cap screw that works with certain engines that may not be located on the your specific engine.
6. After you get the adapter plate fastened to the engine, place the starter on the motor and place the short threaded side of the stud going through the starter into the adapter plate.
7. If you ordered the adapter and flywheel combo, torque the flywheel bolts to 56ftlbs, in a stepping up the force using 20ftlb increments alternating and adjacent pattern. Red Loctite on the threads.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call—it’s what we are here for! (803) SWAP-1UZ
Thanks again!