S2000 to 350Z/370Z/VQ Crossmember Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Collins S2000 to 350Z/370Z/VQ transmission crossmember. This is a basic guide that will help get this crossmember in the vehicle smoothly with minimal down time. Please read all of the instructions before trying to install this crossmember as it will not fit if attempted before reading the instructions. This mount is CNC bent on a precise press-brake and checked afterwards on a jig for fitment to make sure everyone fits before leaving our facility. Again read the instructions before attempting the installation.

1. Where the stock S2000 crossmember bolts into the chassis, you will see that the transmission gets really tight. It is in this location between the two mounting bolt hole sets, where you must beat in the sheet metal along the inner portion of the tunnel where you must beat in the sheet metal along the inner portion of the tunnel where this stiffing flange goes around the inside of the tunnel. You only need to beat in the side of this sheet metal flange that protrudes out. You need to beat it in at least ¼’’ on both sides but it is recommended to go up to a ½’’ for proper clearance.

2. Now get your 350Z/370Z/VQ transmission attached to your engine and placed onto the engine subframe, dangling the transmission in the tunnel area.
3. Use a jack to jack up the center portion of the transmission, place the jack just in front of where the stock 350Z transmission mount fastens onto the transmission. You want to keep the transmission mount area clear so that you can bolt the new transmission mount and crossmember into place while the jack is still supporting the transmission from beneath.

4. Remove the factory 350Z/370Z/VQ transmission mount that may still be bolted onto the transmission. If your transmission did not come with one, disregard this step.

5. Unbolt the Collins transmission mount from the new crossmember and bolt the mount ONLY to the 350Z/370Z/VQ transmission using the (2) black M10x1.5 30mm hex flanged head cap screws included in the bolt kit.

6. Once you have the mount bolted to the transmission, very loosely (2 threads max), place the Collins crossmember onto the mount using the energy suspension bolts and washers.

7. Very loosely (2-3 threads max) put the (3) M10x1.25 hex head cap screws and washers through the crossmember slots and into the S2000 chassis.

8. Once every fastener is properly threaded in, it is now safe to fully tighten all fasteners to the proper factory spec.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call—it’s what we are here for! (803) SWAP-1UZ
Thanks again!