RB25/RB26/SR20DET/KA24DE to 350Z/370Z VQ Adapter Plate Instructions

RB25/RB26/SR20DET/KA24DE to 350Z/370Z VQ

Thank you for purchasing the Collins RB25/RB26/SR20DET/KA24DE engine to 350Z/370Z transmission adapter plate. If you just purchased the adapter plate, you will need the clutch release bearing that is necessary to complete the swap. You can find these on our website under the adaptation components tab.
1. For applications going into a 350Z and G35 (non-HR, non-370Z) you MUST pre-drill the dowel pin holes all the way through the transmission BEFORE getting the bell housing machined down. This is necessary so that there is enough depth on the bell housing dowel pin holes for the dowel pins on the adapter plate to properly center the transmission.
For RB Applications: Simply bolt the transmission to the adapter without milling it down. Use any single disc RB clutch system. When installing your pilot bearing, leave approximately 0.25’’ sticking out of the crank boss.
For all other applications that do not use our Collins Flywheel (KA24DE): You must mill the face of the transmission down approximately 14mm. This needs to be done with a parallel tolerance of no more than +/-0.0015’’
3. You should purchase the proper transmission bolts from any hardware store that sells metric bolts. If you are using the 350Z CD001-CD009 offered in model years 2003-2006 (with the external slave cylinder), you need (5) M12x1.75 40mm hex head cap screws with (3) M10x1.5 25mm hex head cap screws. If you are using the 350ZHR/370Z JK40C-JK40B offered in model years 2007-current (with the internal concentric slave cylinder), you need (4) M12x1.75 40mm hex head cap screws with (2) M10x1.5 25mm hex head cap screws. This is because there is multiple interferences with the 350Z bolt pattern. With the 370Z transmission you will have to drill out the transmission holes in order to get proper fitment of the bolts.
4. The starter you should use should be out of the RB25/RB26/SR20DET/KA24DE engine. You will need to remove a small 1.25’’ diameter circle of material away from where the starter interferes with the transmission’s bell housing. This is necessary so that the starter gear can plunge out into the transmission areas, and not be hindered by the VQ transmission bell housing.
5. You must drill out the starter’s tapped holes where the original fasteners thread into the adapter plate. Use a 15/32’’ drill bit to drill out the threads. This is so that the studs that are supplied with the package can pass through the starter if you need to remove the starter with the transmission still in the vehicle.
6. Use red Loctite 242 on all of the threads used in this conversion.
7. Fasten the adapter plate to the engine using the supplied fasteners. If you shall lose any of the fasteners, the bolt name and length for all RB25/RB26/KA24DE engine is (8) M10x1.5 low head socket cap screws, for SR20DET engines you will need (5) M12x1.75 low head socket cap screws and (3) M10x1.5 low head socket cap screws.
8. Now, place the starter on the motor, and place the short threaded side of the stud going through the starter into the adapter plate. Put the starter on now.