Honda K-Series to S13 Full Swap Kit

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For the Following Applications:

This full swap kit is made to drop in a K-Series of your choice into your S13 chassis without modification. It sits in the factory position of the stock KA24DE and bolts up to the OEM KA24DE transmission with the hood able to close. We have tested this kit for a few years and it works great.

Our full swap kit uses any of the after market front sump oil pans and RSX Type S oil pump not provided by Collins.

-K20 A2
-K20 Z3
-K24 A2
-K24 Z3
-K24 A4

-Nissan KA24DE 5-Speed


What is Included:
-Honda K24/K20 Adapter Plate
-Dowel Pins
-Honda Hollow Dowel Pins
-Adapter Plate Bolt Kit
-Pilot Bearing Adapter
-Honda K-Series to Nissan KA24DE Flywheel (uses Mazda RX-8 Single Disc Pressure Plate) 
-Flywheel Bolts

Options to Choose From the Dropdown's:
-Clutch System (Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate, Clutch Bolts, Clutch Tool)
-Honda K-Series Engine Mounts and Rubber Isolators
-Driveshaft Material


We will email you the proper paperwork to the email address you provided during checkout in order to get the required measurements and create and ship your driveshaft usually in 1-2 business days.

*Any questions or to check if in stock please give us a call at 803-792-7189*