LSX to 350Z/370Z Adapter Plate Instructions

LSX to 350Z/370Z

Step 1: Install your T56 slave cylinder on the adapter plate, using the (2) ¼-20 hex flanged head screws in your bolt kit. Next, take the plastic bag filled with the (8) M10x1.5 hex flange head cap screws and fasten the Collins adapter plate to the T56 bell housing from a (’99-02’ Camaro/Trans Am).

Step 2: Cut the 350Z/370Z transmission’s bell housing approximately 1/16’’ (0.0625’’ ; 1.5mm) behind the second casting band that wraps circumferentially around the transmission’s bell housing, marked by the dotted “cut line”.  We have a YouTube video on our Collins Garage channel on how to achieve this.

Step 3:
Remove the input shaft cover from the 350Z transmission by removing the (11) M8x1.25 hex head cap screws

Step 4: Near the bottom of the exposed area behind the input shaft cover you will see one small M8x1.25 nut that is tightened onto a long bolt. You must cut this bolt flush with the nut, so that nothing sticks out past the end of the nut.

Step 5: Clean the Collins adapter plate face with brake parts cleaner, be careful to avoid spraying the input shaft seal with any brake parts cleaner as the input shaft seal comes pre-lubricated. Now place a generous amount of liquid gasket to the face, of the Collins adapter plate that mounts to the 350Z transmission. Shown here in black:

Make sure the liquid gasket is evenly spread over the outlined surface and any excess liquid gasket is cleaned off from the inner and outer edges.

**If you did not purchase the Collins Performance 11’’ clutch disc, you will need this component before attempting to fasten the transmission to the engine!!**
You can find this on our website.

Step 6:
Use the bag of bolts that has (11) M8x1.25 socket head cap screws and fasten the Collins adapter and bell housing to the already cut 350Z transmission. Make sure to apply thread sealant to ALL of the threads- or your transmission will leak gear oil out of the threaded holes.

Step 7: Insert the supplied pilot bushing into the LS1 crank, using a piece of wood in between the pilot bearing adapter and a hammer or use a plastic dead blow hammer.

Step 8: Fasten the transmission assembly to the LSX engine and you are complete!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call—it’s what we are here for! (803) SWAP-1UZ
Thanks again!