Toyota/Lexus Guibo Driveshaft Adapter

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This is a 6061 Aluminum, machined Drive Shaft adapter made to fit 1350/1310 series serviceable flange yokes, used on 3-Prong Guibo Joint on the Toyota Supra, and most all Lexus Differentials where the existing rubber Guibo drive shaft isolator previously existed. 

This precision machined aluminum 6061 series adapter fastens to the back differential and makes it possible to bolt on a 1310 or 1350 style flange-yoke that would be present on a replacement one-piece drive shaft. 

For the Following Applications:

-1350 Series Yokes:
-Spicer 3-2-119
-Spicer 3-2-809
-Victory Performance FY1350-2809

-1310 Series Yoke:
-Spicer 2-2-479

What is Included:

-Toyota/Lexus Guibo Adapter 
-Guibo Adapter Bolt Kit 

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