2JZ/1JZ Engine to CD009 (350Z/370Z 6-Speed) Manual Transmission G37 Chassis Single Disc Full Swap Kit

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For the Following Applications:

This adaption kit is for the 1JZ/2JZ series engines, and is made to bolt to the Nissan 350Z/370Z 6-speed manual transmissions into your G37 Coupe or Sedan.


-350Z (Z33-CD001, CD005, CD008, CD009) Revision 6-Speed (Has Clutch Fork)
-370Z (Z34-JK40C) Internal Concentric Slave 6-Speed (Does Not Have Clutch Fork)

-Infiniti G37 (2008) Coupe 2-Door
-Infiniti G37 (2009-2013) Sedan 4-Door, and Coupe 2-Door

What is Included:
-Adapter Plate, Dowel Pins and Bolt Kit
-Pilot Bearing
-Clutch Release Bearing
-Single Disc Flywheel and ARP Flywheel Bolts
-JZ/G37 Engine Mounts and Bolts (Does NOT Include Isolators; they work with stock 350Z motor mounts, must cut the locating pin on top of the mount)

Options to Choose From the Dropdown's:
-Clutch System
-Clutch Line
-Crossmember Material
-Driveshaft Option
-Shifter Option
-Brand New Transmission

This Kit Does Not Include the Following:

For the internal slave cylinder it is an extra $175 (billet aluminum)
The bolts to fasten the transmission to the adapter plate (required) the lengths will differ which is why it is up to you to supply them.

In case you were wondering about the speed sensor not working properly, this autometer GPS powered speed sensor will do the trick. It’s simple, cheap, and easy to wire in and calibrate (this isn't included in the auction by the way):
You can find it on Summit Racing's website, Universal GPS powered Speedometer! square wave signal to the gauge. The part # is ATM-5289

If you plan on using a CD009 Transmission from 350ZHR or 370Z (centralized slave cylinder/internal throwout bearing) with this kit, YOU MUST purchase the sleeve over bearing kit in order for the system to not break. The kit listed in this auction uses a pressure plate with flatten fingers to release the clutch (similar to the DE early model 350Z pressure plate), which means you need a ROUND faced bearing on the end of the internal slave cylinder, instead of the flat faced bearing that is on there now or it will break. Basically, purchase the bearing sleeve that presses onto the end of your HR concentric slave bearing. This sleeve can be found by calling Z-speed at 937-665-0450 and ordering it though them, this is not included in the auction.
For the internal slave cylinder it is an extra $225 for the (billet aluminum) spacer/adapter.

The best transmission to get is the CD009 that still has a external slave cylinder.
You can find these transmissions for really cheap ($400 average), Make sure you buy a good CD005 and above transmission. (CD001 transmissions are known for having syncro and 3rd gear issues).

Due to the starter location, and other conflicting bolt holes, not every bolt that goes through your transmission will thread into this adapter plate, however there are plenty threaded holes to safely bolt the transmission to the adapter.


We will email you the proper paperwork to the email address you provided during checkout in order to get the required measurements and create and ship your driveshaft usually within 1-2 business days.

*Any questions or to check if in stock please give us a call at 803-792-7189*