32010-CD00A Nissan 350Z 6-speed External Slave Cylinder Brand New CD009 Transmission

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These Transmissions are brand new straight from Nissan. We drain the fluid (for shipping purposes) and create an internal wooden crate inside the OEM Nissan box so that the local carriers do not destroy the input shaft or any other part of the transmission during delivery. 

What is Included:

-New External Slave 32010-CD00A (CD001, CD003, CD005, CD008, CD009, Clutch fork 100mm Input shaft bearing) based Transmission

THEY HAVE STOPPED PRODUCTION ON THESE AND WE HAVE THE LAST ONES IN NORTH AMERICA!! Once they are gone, they are gone. No more External Slaved Transmissions.

*Any questions or to check if in stock please give us a call at 803-792-7189*