Ford Barra to CD009 (350Z/370Z 6-Speed) Manual Transmission Partial Swap Kit

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For the Following Applications:

-Ford BA182/BA240T/BA270T/BA310T/BA325T 

-350Z (CD001-CD009-Has Clutch Fork)
-350ZHR (JK40 Series-No Clutch Fork, Internal Slave Cylinder)
-370Z (JK40 Series-No Clutch Fork, Internal Slave Cylinder) 

What is Included:
-Ford BA182 BA240T BA245T BA270T BA310T BA325T to 350/370Z CD009 VQ -6-Speed Transmission Adapter Plate and Bolt Kit
-Custom Aluminum Pressure Plate Adapter (Does Not Include the Stock Ford Pressure --Plate Fasteners Which Are Required, 1990 Ford 5.0 Mustang Pressure Plate Bolts)
-Ford Pilot Bearing Adapter

You Will Need to Supply the Following:

-Ford 5.0 (Neutral Balanced) 87-93 Flywheel
-Flywheel Bolts (ARP 1990 Ford 5.0 Mustang Flywheel Bolts)
-Fits Any 350Z Clutch & Pressure Plate

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