Ford Barra to 350Z/370Z Adapter Plate

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 For the Following Applications:


-CD001 (2003-2004)
-CD002 (2004-2005)
-CD005 (2004-2005)
-CD008 (2005)
-CD009 (2005-2007)
-JK40C (2008-2011)
-JK40B (2011-Current)

This is an Aluminum Adapter plate that joins the Ford, FPV F6 Typhoon, Tornado, FG/FG-X Falcon 4.0 Engine to the Nissan / Infiniti Series of 6-speed Manual Transmissions from the 350Z, 370Z, G35, G37, G60 vehicles. This adapter plate is Aluminum approximately 1.1" thick, and weighs approximately 3lbs.

What is Included:

-Ford Barra Adapter Plate
-Dowel Pins
-Ford Barra Engine Side Bolt Kit
-Transmission Bolt Kit

You Will Need to Supply the Following:
-Ford 289 (Neutral Balanced) flywheel from a 1990 Ford Mustang V8 "5.0"
-Collins Performance Technologies flywheel adapter for Ford Mustang 5.0 flywheels
-Collins Performance Technologies Ford pilot bearing adapter
-Ford 289 1990 Ford Mustang V8 "5.0" pressure plate bolts
-Ford 289 1990 Ford Mustang V8 "5.0" flywheel bolts

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