Ford Coyote Aeromotive Mechanical Fuel Pump Bracket Kit

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This Bracket is needed to bolt on a belt driven Mechanical fuel pump or cable driven fuel pump system onto your Ford Coyote 5.0 engine.
The bracket conveniently works with the following fuel mechanical fuel pumps:

-Waterman (requires modification)
-MagnaFuel (requires modification)

This is a necessary component if you plan on running alcohol, or any other exotic fuels. This system allows for reliable high flow
We have tested this on a 1300whp Twin-Turbo Coyote system at the track under real world conditions.

We used the following components to install this pump onto the engine (This is a potential guide to help you get the right parts so that you can have a hassle free install):
Innovators West NMRA balancer Part# 817CS link found here:

Innovators West Crank Mandrel kit Part #950 Link found here:

Aeromotive 28 Tooth Gilmer Belt Drive Pulley 21109
Aeromotive Mechanical Fuel Pump Bracket 0312
Aeromotive Mechanical Fuel Pump 11105

What is Included:
-Billet Aluminum 6061 CNC machined Bracket
-(2) Precision Machined Dowel Height 1
-(1) Precision Machined Dowel Height 2
-Long M8 Socket Head Cap Screws

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