FRS BRZ FT86 GR86 Wiring Emulator for Canbus

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Interfaces your new engine’s ECU to GT86 CAN bus. Available ECU interface options: CAN (Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan), MPX (Toyota), Analogue (universal application, including aftermarket ECUs)

Supported features:
-GT86 stock power steering operation
-Push button start (CAN to analogue relay output)
-RPM, warning lights, water temp, a/t shifter position including manual mode
-Correct operation of GT86 ABS and stability control systems
-Fan control (relay or stepless PWM)
-For Toyota ECUs with MPX/CAN: ECT PWR/SNOW, idle up for elec.load and a/c

Speedometer and trip meter are not affected by the device as they normally use data transmitted by ABS module

GT86 ECM/TCM are not required