FRS BRZ GT86 GR86 Using 2JZ/1JZ Engine to CD009 6-speed Transmission Full Adaptation Kit

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For the Following Applications:
This is a listing to install a 2JZGTE 1JZGTE 2JZGE 1JZGE VVTI engine into any of the Scion FRS Subaru BRZ Toyota GT86 GR86 Vehicles using the 350Z 370Z CD001 CD003 CD005 CD008 CD009 CD00A 6-Speed Transmissions.

This kit was created specifically to get the JZ engine into the FRS BRZ Chassis with minimal effort, it does require the removal of the OEM factory 

We made this kit specifically because the FA20 is highly unreliable and does not support modifications past 500hp. The Toyota 1JZ and 2JZ engine are highly reliable up to 800hp and fit great into this chassis with our engine mounts and transmission tunnel crossmember reinforcement bracket system. This bolt together kit does not require any welding, it does however require you to grind away the OEM FRS crossmember bracketry. We have a YouTube video on how to do this which can be found on Collins Garage YouTube channel under FRS Installation kit

-350Z (Z33) (CD001, CD005, CD008, CD009) 6-Speed
-350Z (Z33) (JK40C) 6-Speed
-370Z (Z34) (JK40C) 6-Speed

-Subaru BRZ (2013-Present)
-Scion FRS (2012-2016)
-Toyota FT86 (2013-Present)
-Toyota GR86 (2021-Present)

What is Included:

-2JZ A340 J1, J2 or J3 Automatic Bellhousing to 350Z/370Z Adapter Plate
-Input Shaft Seal
-A340 Bolt Kit
-A340 Pilot Bearing Adapter

Options to Choose From the Dropdown's:
-A340 Bellhousing: 
-J1 Automatic Bellhousing (SC300 91-97, 1JZGTE VVTi early model engines)
-J2 Automatic Bellhousing (GS300, IS300, SC300 98-00, 1JZGTE VVTi later model engines)
-J3 Automatic Bellhousing (Supra 2JZGTE VVTi Engines, Aristo)
-Clutch System (Clutch, Pressure Plate, Clutch Bolts, Clutch Tool)
-Slave Cylinder
-Collins FRS BRZ GT86 GR86 to 350Z Trans Tunnel Reinforcement Bracket System with Crossmember + Mount
-JZ to 350Z FRS, BRZ, FT86, GR86 NON-VVTi Engine Mounts
-Collins Relocated Shifter  (Pop out location is 31'') 
-Driveshaft Material

 *Any questions or to check if in stock please give us a call at 803-792-7189*