JZ Stage 5 (850 FTLBS) 7.25'' Twin Disc Clutch System

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This is a 7.25'' diameter Twin-disc clutch system for racing purposes only. This clutch system is designed specifically to fit the Collins Performance Technologies Stage 5 adaptation system. If you do not specifically have this adapter plate and flywheel adapter combination, this clutch system will not work.

For the Following Applications:


-350Z (Z33) (CD001-CD009-Has Clutch Fork)
-370Z (Z34) (JK40 Series-No Clutch Fork, Internal Slave Cylinder) 
-300ZX (Z32) 

What is Included:

-Pressure Plate
-Button Flywheel
-Floater Plate
-Cerametallic Nissan Splined Solid Hub Clutch Discs that are Keyed Specifically for Each Side (Flywheel Side/Transmission Side)
-Grade 8 Clutch Fasteners 5/16'' Fine Pitch with Special Machined Nuts 
-Clutch Tool

*This will work with both Collins black steel adapter and aluminum A340 adapter with the proper spacer that is needed and can be found under "adaptation components"

This Kit Does Not Include the Following:
-Collins Performance Technologies Adapter Plate
-Pilot Bearing Adapter
-Collins Performance Technologies Flywheel Adapter

-Toyota Stock Automatic Flexplate
-Toyota Stock Automatic Flexplate Spacer (thick approximately 0.1875'') 
-Collins Performance Technologies Clutch Release Bearing Adapter / Tilton Slave
-ARP Flywheel Bolts (8) M10x1.25 

*Any questions or to check if in stock please give us a call at 803-792-7189*