JZ to BMW ZF/Getrag Adapter Plate

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For the Following Applications:
-JZ to BMW Getrag


-SF-39 (5-Speed) BMW 3 Series (E46), BMW 5 Series (E39)
-E36 (5-Speed) ZF Gearbox
-E36 (5-Speed) Getrag Gearbox
-E46 (5-Speed) ZF Gearbox
-E46 (5-Speed) Getrag Gearbox
-GS6-37BZ (6-Speed) BMW Z4, Z4M; (E46 330i)
-E46 (6-Speed) M3 Gearbox

What is included:

-1JZ to BMW ZF/Getrag Adapter Plate 
-BMW Dowel Pins
-1JZ/2JZ Engine Side Bolt Kit
-BMW ZF Transmmission Side Bolt Kit

Components You Will Need:

-2JZ stater (open faced starter)
-1999 BMW E36 M3 pressure plate (this is what we have confirmed to work with our flywheel)
-The clutch disc to use is from your original transmission/engine combo (example: 1995, 328 with a Getrag 5-speed, order the clutch disc for this this application)
-Your stock clutch release bearing and fork mechanism
-Your stock BMW slave cylinder

There are plenty of BMW transmissions offered in both 5 speed, and 6 speed configurations. They are compact, meaning NO TRANSMISSION TUNNEL MODIFICATIONS and great for swapping into Lexus IS300, Toyota MKIV Supra, and Lexus SC300, Lexus SC400 Chassis. From the edge of the bell housing to the center of the shifter is approximately 30.75"

We are the only company to include Studs to use the 2JZ/1JZ starter so that you can remove the starter without having to remove the transmission and engine assembly. You simply drill out the threads on your current 2JZ/1JZ starter and use the supplied M10 studs, and nuts.

Each one of our 2JZ adapter plates comes with both dowel pin recesses machined into the plate, and the proper dowels for the BMW transmission. We include BOTH of the 14.5mm BMW dowels with the adapter plate to ensure that the transmission stays centered on the rotating assembly properly.

*Any questions or to check if in stock please give us a call at 803-792-7189*