Honda K-Series to FRS BRZ FT86 Swap Kit

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For the Following Applications:
This system uses the ZN6 6-speed transmission that comes in all of the Scion FR-S, Subaru BR-Z, and Toyota FT86. We were able to use the factory slave cylinder with our slave cylinder spacer and cutting 1/4" off of the end of the slave cylinder rod (this is required).
It requires using a front sump K-series oil pan (or you can modify your OEM 11200RBB000 oil pan by cutting a small shelf into the rear part of the oil pan and re-welding it to clear the subframe/sway bar)
This swap is very straight forward. It requires using a front sump K-series pan, along with an RSX Type-S oil pump. We are coming out with a Billet version later this year. The engine will sit at a slant with our kit. This system pushes the transmission back substantially and requires you to bash the passenger side of the inner transmission crossmember support sheet metal bracket. This swap requires a new driveshaft, and a shortened shifter linkage.

*You must use the OEM aluminum crossmember*

We are currently working on the engine mounts to bolt the K20 and K24 Engines into the Scion FR-S, Subaru BR-Z, and Toyota FT86 chassis 


-Scion FR-S 6-Speed (2012-2016)
-Subaru BR-Z 6-Speed (2012-2020)
-Toyota GT86 6-Speed (ZN6)

What is Included:
-Honda K-Series to FRS, BRZ, FT86 Adapter Plate
-K24E Engine Side Bolt Kit
-FRS Transmission Side Bolt Kit
-Dowel Pins
-Hollow Honda K-Series Engine Side Dowel Pins

Options to Choose From the Dropdown's:
-Clutch System 
-Honda K-Series to FRS, BRZ, FT86 6-Speed Transmission Flywheel + Flywheel Bolts
-Engine Mount Brackets
-Transmission Crossmember Tunnel Reinforcement Bracing 
-Driveshaft Material
-K-Series Pilot Bearing Adapter
-Slave Cylinder Adapter (Grind down the slave cylinder shaft 1/4'' to get this to work)

*Any questions or to check if in stock please give us a call at 803-792-7189*