KA24DE to CD009 (350Z 6-Speed) Manual Transmission Partial Swap Kit

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For the Following Applications:

-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD001
-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD005
-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD006
-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD008
-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD009

What is Included:

-KA24DE to 350Z Adapter Plate
-Dowel Pins
-Bolt Kits

Options to Choose From the Dropdown's:
-Clutch Release Bearing for RB Application
-S-Chassis Crossmember for S13, S14, S15 Applications
-Driveshaft or Slip Yoke

It is Necessary to do the following before bolting the transmission to the adapter plate:
Mill the bell housing down approximately 14mm in order to get the proper clutch spline engagement with the 350Z input shaft.
Run the shorter Pivot ball from the 2006+ CD009 Nissan 350Z transmission.
Make sure you have the proper amount of clearance inside the transmission area so that the starter gear can properly plunge-out and engage with the flywheel. (Cut/grind a small area to make the gear fit into the transmission)

This adaption kit is made to work with your factory Nissan RB20 RB25, RB26, and KA24DE existing Flywheel and clutch system. It doesn't matter if you are competing in Formula Drift or you just a better spread between the gears, the 350Z 6-speed transmissions were made to take abuse, and still maintain superb shift quality at any RPM.

This kit works with any RB starter.


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