Mazda RX-7 Rotary Adapter Plate

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For the Following Applications:
-13B (2-Rotor)
-20B (3-Rotor)
-26B (4-Rotor)

-350Z (CD001-CD009 Clutch Fork)
-370Z (JK40C-JK40B Internal Slave Cylinder)
-350ZHR (High Rev JK40C-JK40B Internal Slave Cylinder)
-370ZHR (High Rev JK40C-JK40B Internal Slave Cylinder)

What is Included:
-Mazda RX-7 Rotary Adapter (works with 93-02 FD ReW automatic bellhousing only)
-Input Shaft Seal
-Mazda Rotary Bolt Kit

We have seen, through our experience, the inability for proper syncro-mesh at higher RPM's (7000+) on the stock Mazda FC, and FD transmissions. Also the cost of the stock transmissions is soaring such that you can afford this swap for the same cost. We have came up with a solution to this solve this long standing problem, using the Nissan 350Z and 370Z "High-Rev" transmission. These transmissions come equipped with Triple cone syncros, and the ability to shift above 7000+ RPM comfortably (This requires 4-puck, some 6-puck clutch discs, or small twin-disc Clutch system to work efficiently). This high RPM shifting capability is something you will not get from a Tremec based T56 or TR6060. No longer will you have to resort to an expensive dog-box or costly sequential gear box to solve this problem.

Here is a quick animation of this assembly going together, we have the full kit on our website:

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