Honda K-Series to Mazda RX-8 Engine Mounts

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For the Following Applications:

This listing is for a set of engine brackets that will aid you in bolting the Honda K-series engine into the Mazda RX-8 Chassis. These engine brackets were designed to use the (Collins adapters Honda K-Series to Mazda RX-8 transmission adapter plate) in order to get the engine and transmission to bolt up in the correct spot. These engine brackets only work with the Collins adapter plate due to the thickness of the adapter. These engine brackets will shift the engine and transmission around a bit in the engine bay however the transmission will fit into its stock position (as far forward as possible) and will use the factory PPF brace and the factory carbon fiber driveshaft.


What is Included:
-Passenger side and driver's side engine brackets to bolt the engine into the Mazda RX-8 chassis
-Fasteners to bolt the engine brackets to the engine
-K-Series Engine Mount Adapter + Bolt Kit

This Kit Does Not Include the Following:
-You will need to grind down a small hump on the upper oil pan, directly above where the oil bolt goes through the aluminum casting on the passenger side (USDM)
-You will need to use the Stock Mazda RX-8 rubber engine Isolators
-You need to cut the front crossmember to get the stock oil pan to fit into the engine bay properly
-You need to Hammer the firewall heavily to get the engine far enough back in order to drop the engine and transmission into the chassis
-There will be the wiper cowling that will hit the top of the engine as the engine is too tall, you will need to remove cut out the section of wiper cowling that interrupts the top of the valve cover.

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