RB25DET, RB26DET to 350Z/370Z Adapter Plate

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For the Following Applications:

-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD001
-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD005
-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD006
-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD008
-Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD009
-Nissan 370Z transmission Revision CD009
-Nissan 370Z transmission Revision JK40C

 What is Included:
-RB26DETT/RB25DET to 350Z/350ZHR/370Z Adapter Plate
-Dowel Pins
-RB Engine Side Bolt Kit
-Transmission Side Bolt Kit
-Thick Concentric Spacer (Unless you select a clutch release bearing)

It is necessary to do the following before bolting the transmission to the adapter plate:

-Mill the bell housing down approximately 14mm in order to get the proper clutch spline engagement with the 350Z input shaft **(YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS STEP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE COLLINS CUSTOM FLYWHEEL)** If you purchase the Collins flywheel, you will not have to mill the bellhousing down**
-Run the shorter Pivot ball from the 2006+ CD009 Nissan 350Z transmission.
-Purchase our Clutch Release Bearing Adapter for the RB25/26 - We also have a partial swap kit for this adapter that includes the clutch release bearing
-Make sure you have the proper amount of clearance inside the transmission area so that the starter gear can properly plunge-out and engage with the flywheel. (Cut/grind a small area to make the gear fit into the transmission)

This kit works with any RB starter.

*Any questions or to check if in stock please give us a call at 803-792-7189*