SR20DET to 350Z Adapter Plate

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For the Following Applications:


-Nissan 350Z Transmission Revision (CD001, CD005, CD006, CD008, CD009)
-Nissan 370Z Transmission Revision (JK40C)

What is Included:

-SR20 to 350Z Adapter Plate
-SR20 Engine Side Bolt Kit

This adapter plate allows you to mate up with your choice of the Nissan early model Revision 350Z six speed transmissions, and the later model 350ZHR/370ZHR(High Rev Engine) six speed Transmissions to the Nissan SR20DET 4-cylinder engine. It doesn't matter if you are competing in Formula Drift or you just a better spread between the gears, the later model 350Z transmissions were made to take abuse, and still maintain superb shift quality at any RPM.

You Will Need to Supply the Following:
-Clutch release bearing sleeve from a 200sx

-Longer pivot ball from Nissan P/N 30537-40P01
-Mill the face of your bell housing 14mm to get this to work properly

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