VK56DE to 350Z/370Z/300ZX Adapter Plate

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For the Following Applications:

-300ZX (Z32)
-350Z (CD001, CD005, CD006, CD008) 
-350Z/370Z (CD009, JK40C) 

What is Included:
-VK56DE to 350Z/370Z/300ZX Adapter Plate
-Crank Angle Sensor
-VK56DE Engine Side Bolt Kit

This adapter plate comes with the hard-to-find M14 bolts needed to fasten this adapter to the engine, however the adapter does not come with the bolts to fasten the transmission to the adapter plate.

Our Adapter plate includes the crank sensor to boss that bolts onto the adapter plate. (you need to grind a small chunk off of the 350Z transmission bell housing to get the adapter plate to fit correctly on the transmission).

Due to the starter location, and other conflicting bolt holes, not every bolt that goes through your transmission will thread into this adapter plate, however there are plenty threaded holes to safely bolt the transmission to the adapter.

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